Sue Wong New Collection Spring 2012

As designer Sue Wong anticipates the debut of her Fall 2012 line this coming March, let’s revisit her last function at the Voyeur lounge in West Hollywood:

Held October 13th, 2010, the Lady or Vamp event was the private celebration and showing of select pieces from the Spring 2012 line. Guests arrived to posh seating areas and tables topped by flower arrangements and complimentary beverages. Servers came around with freshly prepared hors d’oeuvres to supplement the snack cheeses, fruits, and cakes lining the bar area.

In lieu of the traditional catwalk, models followed a predetermined course which weaved them through the venue and onto elevated platforms. Such an approach encouraged a dynamic interaction with a crowd that included Twilight director Bill Condon and actors Dayo Okeniyi and Raven Symoné. Amplified by a dramatic soundtrack (organized by the designer herself), the display offered an intimate alternative to the comparably removed and impersonal nature of a runway show.

And what could the audience expect to observe? Up close, the intricate detailing of each gown could be appreciated in full. Skirts of plain satin, textured chiffon, feathers, and laser-cut organza petals played supporting elements to the focal points: heavily beaded and embroidered bodices and waistbands. By the end of the evening, each of nine models had shown off six dazzling looks. Perhaps more impressively, their hair, headpieces, and makeup remained unchanged and still yet cohesive throughout outfit rotations. Bead and rhinestone bindis had been arranged on the forehead to subtly suggest a crucifix, reinforcing the collection’s darker imagery. On the other side were characteristically feminine gowns in seasonally appropriate creams, corals, pinks, and greens. The seamless transition between the two aesthetics was the final product of Sue Wong’s “study in contrasts, inspired by the dual archetypes of the elegant, beautiful lady and the sultry, seductive vamp”.

Sue Wong’s Spring 2012 line can be found at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom’s, and Bloomingdales, among other retailers.

Sue Wang Oct13th 2011 01 – Private Show


Sue Wong Spring 2012 Collection

Sue Wong Oct 13th 2011 01 – Private Show – Lady or Vamp


Sue Wang Oct13th 2011 01 – Private Show 

Sue Wong Spring 2012 Collection

Sue Wong Oct13th 2011 01 – Private Show

Photography by Kai He – © 2012 The Los Angeles Fashion

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