If Women Can Wear Suits, Why Can’t Men Wear Skirts?

The Spring and Fall Fashion Shows of this year have displayed many unique trends, one of them being men wearing skirts. Is this just going to be another FAD or will it actually become a TREND for men? The controversy behind it I’m sure will help determine that!

In  1966 Yves Saint Laurent put France into shock when he sent his models down the runway in ‘Le Smoking’ Suit. This pant suit eventually allowed it to be acceptable for women to step out of their skirts and dresses and dress with more of a masculine flare. So if women can dress with some masculinity, why can’t men dress with some femininity?
It’s slowly becoming more acceptable for men to dress with some femininity, (more so in European countries). Today men are wearing cardigans, low v-neck t-shirts, pink and other light and bright colors and it’s becoming the norm. Not to mention men who wear make-up or get their hair colored, these things were once looked at as typically only things that girls wear and do but now-a-days its all looked at as unisex.
If Women Can Wear Suits, Why Can't Men Wear Skirts?
Men wearing skirts or dresses has previously been seen in different cultures, for example in the Scottish and Indian cultures. This brings up a good a point when we think about, if ‘man skirts’ will become a successful trend. Worldwide cultures influence the fashion industry constantly, so could this be the same for skirts?
If Women Can Wear Suits, Why Can't Men Wear Skirts?
One man who shows no shame when wearing his ‘man skirts’ is Marc Jacobs, and who can blame him, he has some great legs! But he is not the only man showing a bit of leg this season, designers including Rick Owens, Givenchy and Dominique Masullo had their male models sporting the ‘man skirts’ at their Spring and Fall Fashion Shows this year. So as more and more designers are creating this look, it leaves me wondering if we are going to see more men on the street wearing them too.
If Women Can Wear Suits, Why Can't Men Wear Skirts?
If Women Can Wear Suits, Why Can't Men Wear Skirts?
If Women Can Wear Suits, Why Can't Men Wear Skirts?
If Women Can Wear Suits, Why Can't Men Wear Skirts?
My observations of men’s fashion lead me to think that this look is more likely to be popular in European countries before it becomes a trend here in the U.S.
You can currently look for these man skirts on such worldwide shopping sites:


I want to know what you think! Share with me your opinions on the ‘man skirt’!

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  1. Paulo

    Why so few men wear skirt in western societies? Is it forbidden men wearing skirt? Because we dread, yes, fear to look like inferior, excuse me; do women in skirts look foolish? Not only this, but due to prejudice and false morality. Why nowadays skirts and dresses are linked with women? Because they are such kind of garment to show, to reveal, to insinuate, how the (women) body is.
    I am straight and I like to see a woman’s body, and it doesn’t matter the wearing garment, since I notice the shape.
    I live in tropics and here women use to show much more their bodies than any other place of the world. If this statement: “men like women like men”, is true, than, women should like to see man’s bodies, and they would like to see men wearing garments which allow then see men body’s shape, right? Wrong, this is not reciprocal, though women give little approval to men in shorts, and any support for men in skirts.
    The last but not the least, the majority of men are stupid and they rather dress with security sameness than be audacious.

  2. mara

    A piece of clothes doesn’t make a gender nor a sex. It is just in the head of people.
    To skirts for men. We all know from history that the skirts was a male garment only until one women started to cut her long dress in two parts to come closer to the male fashion at that time. Women then created more an more a typical kind of skirt, designed for female bodies. Men switched into pants in westernized cultures but the skirt to be remain a male garment for millions of men until today.
    Now, fashion designers want to come up with more ways to dress for the male population in western cultures, creating a special men’s skirt, based on the male anatomy (see biology). But the mass of men still wearing pants because of thinking that skirted garments might be female garments and would make them girlish. Totally wrong. The only fear men have is not to be accepted by women or society, all false sayings or whatever it might be. Men do not stand the man they should be for an idea or a new way of dressing. That is very sad because the warrior of the modern time does not need a weapon or iron fists, he need only more confidence to show up with his new way of dressing instead hiding in the big wave of the mass, following blindly what other people will tell him to wear. I really missing this men which can go their own way, showing up with pride that they are unique and independent.

  3. n0heq

    I wore a short (12″) pleated skort for a three mile charity event with my spouse recently. Nothing but compliments. It was certainty comfortable. Several people asked to capture a picture of us. Why would any man even consider wearing pants anymore? With almost every woman wearing pants these days, pants are definitely not an exclusive male garment. Men has no choice other than to wear the same types of garments that women are wearing. Given that reality, I choose the comfort of a skirt or a dress. Confining one’s genital area to the crotch of pants is best left to women.

  4. Steve66oh

    A little over a year ago, I made the shocking discovery that nail polish is really just paint. And, also, that I like way my nails look with paint on them, the way some people like the way their tattoos look on them. I’ve been wearing nail color ever since. As I see it, the only thing that makes nail color “feminine” is society’s assumption, based on the fact that it doesn’t see many men (aside from a few female impersonators) wearing it…. but it doesn’t see men wearing nail color AS MEN, as part of their masculine fashion, because most men are content to comply with society’s assumption that nail color is feminine. (This is all very much like how society “assumed” that tattoos were only for men. Then, in the span of a decade (say, 1980 to 1990), tattoos went from that, to the “must-have” fashion statement for women. I’m convinced that the same will happen for nail color by 2020)

    Anyway, upon realizing that there is no REAL reason for men to abstain from using nail color, that the “best” reason to abstain is FEAR of defying a baseless custom and being exposed to the disapproval of strangers – I decided that my nails are mine to paint, not society’s to prohibit.

    This is also true of skirts. The custom against men wearing skirts is particularly funny when one considers the costumes worn in films like “Ben Hur” and “Gladiator” – a skirt (as part of a tunic) was typical attire for Roman soldiers. And, nobody complained (or even noticed) the skirts when they watched “Gladiator”. So, shortly after discovering nail color, I began to incorporate skirts into my wardrobe. They are spectacularly comfortable – male anatomy is especially vulnerable to discomfort from pants – and I have received as many compliments as sideways glances.

    My point is – neither my nails.nor my skirts define me. They don’t “make” me anything, and they have no real connection to gender identity or preference. If a man is comfortable with who he is – if he knows that a random stranger’s prejudiced opinion of him does not actually change him – if he believes that confidence and independence are more “manly” than timid submission to baseless cultural assumptions – then he has no reason to fear wearing a skirt.

    I think men will be slower to adopt skirts than nail color, but not by much. I encourage any man to give it a try.

  5. thk1776

    Men in skirts won’t trickle down from Europe. It could trickle up, though, if the trend started with denim. I’d cheerfully wear a denim miniskirt in the heat of summer.

  6. Skirtman

    Skirts are great fpr men! More comfortable, especially when sitting down for long periods. Driving, as mentioned already, is an obvious one, and flying is another. Don’t worry about the airport security, the people there don’t care what you wear – you may even liven up a dull day for them!

    Stephen, just go for it! There are probably other men in your town saying the same as you, and one of you has to pluck up the courage to be first. You will get plenty of odd looks, but that’s all. If you are confident you will be able to carry it off.

    I certainly hope it is not just a fad. Women have the choice between skirts or trousers, so it’s time men did as well.

  7. JohnN

    At present it’s my feeeling that there are ore men in the US and UK are more into skirt wearing than in Continentl Europe.
    But as was pointed out a skirt is more comfortable than trousers especially when one has to drive long distances etc. or sitting behind ones desk. It is strange te note that women can wear trousers without comments, but if men wears a skirt eventhough it’s by origin man’s garment, it’s considered as strange.

  8. Stephen

    I recently discovered skirts and my girlfriend thinks my legs look great in them. I’m too self-conscious to take them outside the house but it would be awesome if I could. We actually went to the department store together and had her help me pick out ones that would be comfortable and look nice. I ended up getting two knee length skirts. One black with white dots and one blue and white floral pattern. I wear them in the house and they are so awesome (very comfy).

    • Britany Fox

      That’s great Stephen! I think that as men become more comfortable wearing skirts, you will see them wearing them more and more, in public. I personally didn’t think it would become a trend, but in fact, it’s people like you who are willing to take that step, that can prove me wrong :)

      Britany Fox

      • Stephen

        I honestly don’t know if it will be a trend or a fad. Honestly I hope it picks up soon (though I seriously doubt it). I wouldn’t have the courage to wear them in public (at least not yet); I’d have to start seeing other men wear them first. I don’t mind being different, but I don’t want (un)necessary attention.

  9. DaveInSkirts

    I hope the man skirt becomes a trend rather than a fad. Skirts are more comfortable, they help minimise health problems such as itchy groin and testicular cancer and give men a choice.

    They are also awesome when running – keeps you cool downstairs and don’t bunch up like shorts.

    My only complaint – put men in wearable skirts such as the ones that Marc Jacobs wears rather than in cut off curtains or other fashion creations that are clearly a joke.

    Go KW and friends – bring on the skirt!

  10. Chelsea Smithson

    I definitely agree that European men tend to be a bit more ‘daring’ when it comes to fashion. That being said I’m also seeing influential celebrities like Kayne West and David Beckham adding their own style to the ‘man skirt’ trend.
    I also agree that it is most likely going to be a FAD. Designers have been sending their (male) models down the runway in this look for awhile now, and I have rarely seen it transfer onto the streets.
    Thanks for your comment :)

  11. Britany Fox

    I believe the ‘man skirt’ will only be a fad. I cannot see it coming to the US streets, as I think this garment will be too associated with homosexuality. European men seem to be more open to fashion and diverse lifestyles than American men are. I’d like to know your opinion on this too :)

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