As Kelly and I walked into the doors of the opening of the new Dior Boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills,  there were champagne flutes and macaroons waiting to greet us.  Already it was the start to a great night.   Years in the making, the boutique is now a standing masterpiece.  The boutique was a collaboration among many of the world’s best architects, artists, and interior decorators.   Everything from the store front displaying haute couture pieces, to this summer’s cruise collection hanging in the store,  to the silver textured wall paper was incredible.  The haute couture pieces in the front were flown in by private jet and this marks the first time in history that Dior cruise haute couture collection pieces have been in the United States.

We made our way back to the fine jewelry section of the boutique where Matt, the jewelry manager, let us try on his favorite piece, a flower ring from the Milly Carnivora collection made from 18K white gold, diamonds, spinels and lacquer. Each piece in the Milly Carnivora collection is a carnivorous flower, deadly, but beautiful and irresistible to look at with all of the incredible detailing on each petal.  Miniature, Barbie size models of Christian Dior’s original Paris apartment were made into a jewelry display. Peeking into these displays brought me either further into the wonderful world of Dior.

Dior Boutique clothing


Dior Jewelry

Dior Boutique jewelry Display

Dior Boutique Art


A Ceramic Dior boot and handbag display sits right in the middle of the shoe salon.  The art on the walls adds a bit of color to the otherwise dominate silver and grey color palate of the boutique. But while you are busy admiring all of the art in the rooms, do not forget to look up.  The chandelier in the front room is another incredible piece not to be missed. Even from the street, Dior boasts a beautiful display of some of their haute couture pieces from the front store display facing Rodeo Drive. The wall for the opening was completely covered in live flowers reminding us that the spring season of fashion is upon us and in full bloom.


Dior Window

Dior boutique chandelier

Dior Boutique 1

Dior Boutique- Kelly and Gregory

Gregory, manager of the Las Vegas boutique and a decade long dedicated member of the Dior team,was kind enough to give us a tour of the VIP room upstairs, complete with a private dressing room and a secret closet full of haute couture pieces.  Did you know that in order to order a haute couture piece, a buyer is required to have a minimum of 3 fittings?   This requirement is to make sure the piece fits perfectly.

Dior boutique Vip room

Dior Boutique Haute Couture Closet

To see all of these wonderful works of art and interior decoration in person, please visit  this beautiful new boutique located at:

309 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Photography by Laura Yazdi

©2012 ©2013 The Los Angeles Fashion

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