Joining barefoot footwear mega-trend is puretoes, a new brand that offers moisture-wicking, antimicrobial foot covers in a variety of chic prints. Whether you’re lounging around the house, breaking a sweat at the gym, or pulling the cobra at yoga, the innovative foot cover offers function in any capacity without problems or irritations and prevents those traumatizing fears of dirty floors in public places. With skid-free pads embedded on the heels and balls of the foot,puretoes bring you a refreshing breath of confidence for every move, offeringuncompromised traction on slippery surfaces indoors.


puretoes have an opening for the big toe and one for the other four toes with a piece of fabric in between to hold them in place. Primarily used for indoor activities, they are not only perfect for yoga, pilates, martial arts, and dancing, but they are also a great accessory for flip flops and lounging around the house.  Be feminine with hot pink paisley, mellow bohemian in grape tribal print, brave and bold in multi colored camo, or wild in leopard patterned puretoes. With new designs premiering every 3 to 4 months, your feet will never get bored. puretoes retail for $19.99, and are available in Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s sizes; great, feel great, BE great.

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