Clean up your tired beauty routine with a line of lust-worthy skin care products from a dirty girl. Jennifer Lee Segale, horticulturist, writer and gardening-know-it-all behind , has a completely organic line of products to make any girl (or guy) obsessed.

The line, aptly named Garden Apothecary, includes entirely organic products like Rose Water Body Spray, Vanilla Sugar Polishing Scrub and Blue Lotus Anointing Oil. Sounds exotic, right? Well, not exactly. Garden Apothecary’s products are made in small batches in Half Moon Bay, CA using local plants, flowers and oils. “With natural, whole botanicals being the focus on product crafting, Garden Apothecary excels in bringing wholesome organic products into homes all over the world,” Jennifer explains.

Founded in 2008, Garden Apothecary has been featured in Vogue Japan and People. It uses only fresh botanicals in its products, nothing artificial: no harsh dyes and no harmful chemicals. Each product is handcrafted and inspired by various scents. Like the Anise Sugar Scrub, warm and powerfully spicy was inspired by cigars, bourbon and casablanca lilies. Or the Eros Body Polish, made from bergamot and ylang ylang oils and anise star pods, is simply inspired by Eros, Greek god of love. Garden Apothecary’s scrubs, masks, oils and bath salts are for exfoliating, moisturizing and relaxing but are also used as antidepressants, aphrodisiacs, analgesics (painkillers), carminatives and sedatives.

Although made by a dirty girl, Garden Apothecary is for dirty guys too! “I originally created the Evening Aphrodisiac scent as a men’s fragrance… but ended up wearing it almost everyday for myself,” Jennifer confesses. The unisex scent, made from jasmine and neroli essential oils, is available as a sugar scrub and Jennifer recommends using it in the bath or shower with that special someone. Muy Caliente! With most of the products under $30, Garden Apothecary is super affordable and makes the perfect gift.

Jennifer chronicles the process of creating Garden Apothecary through her blog, Dirty Girl Garden. She also humorously documents her ecological lifestyle from exploring the jungles of Belize on a plant research trip to housing 10,000 honeybees. Who knew being dirty could be such an adventure?

For more information on Jennifer and Garden Apothecary visit her Etsy shop and be sure to check out

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