A pair of sneakers, once it’s bought, quickly becomes a man’s best friend. It’s there every day, for thick and thin, in the joyful moments, following the owner in many adventures. Some people even take it to work. After a while, sadly, it begins to show some signs of combat. One day, we came to the inevitable conclusion that it must be put to rest. 


Since the electricity cables went underground in the cities, the habit of honoring these old follows by hanging them on the tension wires all but disappeared. How, then, can we bid a proper farewell to those who were such an integral part of our lives? The Dutch brand OAT found a solution. 


All their pairs of shoes comes with a hidden pocket under the label. There, you can find a small bag of seed. When you pair of sneakers bites the dust and can no longer walk around, the owner simply buries it on the back yard. Being totally made from biodegradable fabrics, it comes back to Mother Nature in mere 6 months. A couple of days after the funeral, though, the hidden seeds will grow into a lovely bush of wild flowers on your garden. 



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