Shoe Expert & Podiatrist Reveals Why Her High Heel Line Is No Pain and All Gain

Nine months ago 34 Minutes Shoes line was launched- a sexy, comfort high heel brand made in Los Angeles- with the purpose of women to be comfortable for more than 34 Minutes when they wear their high heels.

As a practicing podiatrist for the last 15 years, Dr. Michele Summers has taken on a new challenge: to aid women who want to look stylish and professional in high heels for more than 34 minutes -the average time it takes for a woman’s foot to hurt in a heel- without having to be in pain and sacrificing their feet.

Co-founder and designer of 34 Minutes Shoes, Dr. Michele Summers, created her homegrown label with her two sisters, and they insist on manufacturing the shoes in nearby Los Angeles. With the creation of 34 Minutes Shoes, the ambitious Dr. Michele Summers is beginning a new chapter in her already impressive story, a chapter that intertwines motherhood, owning an independent podiatry practice and her successes as an academic and blogger.

Summers’ collegiate education began at University of California, Berkeley, which led her to a Master’s degree as well as a DPM degree at Barry University in Miami. From there she completed a two-year surgical residency in Los Angeles. After opening her private podiatry practice in El Monte in 2000, she realized that many of her patients thought that having foot pain every day was normal.

In 2008, while promoting her podiatry business Summers kept meeting professional women that wanted to know what she could do to relieve their pain from wearing high heels. This question catapulted her into a two year journey of researching the shoe industry, and she discovered how to build a shoe that would allow women to wear their heels for more than 34 minutes without being in pain.

She took her newfound shoe knowledge and research to fashion shows while starting the 34 Minutes Shoes business. The patent pending design is made with a built-in orthotic that supports the arch for maximum comfort. The secret is her cutting-edge shoe technology that molds to any type of arch.

In the past month, Summers has furthered her shoe construction knowledge at the “Art of Traditional Shoe Making” course conducted by the prestigious Ars Sutoria School- based in Milano- in conjunction with FFANY. The week-long intensive is based on a deep understanding of materials used in each stage of the shoe making process. Her expertise as a foot doctor, paired with trendy design and shoe construction knowledge, allows women to look professional and still be comfortable as they work and play.

Summers start up, 34 Minutes Shoes, is the newest sexy comfort brand allowing women to stand tall and feel powerful in their heels. Her shoes are more than stylish; they empower women to feel sensuous and satisfied when they slip on their favorite heels. With 34 Minutes shoe line women can accomplish their goals while inspiring a new pain-free fashion. The spring collection will be available in stores by February 2013, and details can found at the

The shoes will be available in stores and online for purchase by February 2013

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