Along with boots, scarves and knitwear, one of my favorite Fall fashion essentials is fur! Yes, I know that I live in Los Angeles and it doesn’t get that cold here, but I just think fur is so chic, elegant and just screams FABULOUS! So, I don’t mind the odd looks that I get from people from time-to-time, when I’m strolling down the sunny, streets of L.A.

Anyone can wear fur, no matter:  their fashion style; personal views*, you can find faux pieces that are just as luxurious and chic as real fur; weight;  height;  sex, yes,  I have seen men pull this look off effortlessly; or income, trust me, I’ve seen fur that costs $15 and others that were $15,000!

Andre Leon Talley proves that size and sex aren’t a factor when it comes to fur.


If you’d like to add a fur piece to your wardrobe, but aren’t sure how, I highly recommend purchasing a vest in a basic color, like black, as it will go with everything. I like to wear my fur vest with jeans and a t-shirt, to spice up a causal outfit; or even with a blouse, and slacks, when I’m at the office. Another great option, is a fur shrug. I recently purchased a shrug that I wear over my blazers and coats, it pulls your outfit together so well and it’s just another way for you to re-vamp your existing wardrobe. You can find the perfect piece, as long as you, just like with everything else, find something that is the right shape for your body, and fits your personal style.

This fur vest adds some flair to an otherwise basic ensemble

Some great places to shop for fur are vintage and consignment stores, (Decades, Crossroads); the high street, (H&M, Zara) and department stores (Saks, Barneys).


*I know fur is a bit taboo, and I’m not advocating that your wear the real thing, as a matter of fact, my collection is strictly faux fur, but it is still fabulous!  I just believe that wearing fur is a great way to add some glamour and I don’t think it should be reserved for just special occasions, or nights out.


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