Gone are the days when imagining varieties in men’s wear seemed an impossible task. These days, men’s fashion market is growing by leaps and bounds. It is easy to find varieties in not only clothes but also underwear for men. Honestly, there is no need to feel jealous of your female companion in terms of varieties in fashion. Silk, nylon and cotton underwear are available to make men comfortable and stylish.

Now, boutiques and even department stores sell from boxer brief to bikini short for men. Prices of these men’s wears are varies. Brands, styles and fabrics affect their price.

But being a smart guy, you should give importance to comfort first and later you can go with style. Look at the tips that can make your purchase for men’s underwear easier…

The first thing is ask yourself what your priority is when it comes to underwear. If your daily work is hectic, you can go for briefs. These types of underwear provide perfect fitting. Opt for boxers if your job requires you to sit for most of the day. Getting naughty or during romance you can go with g-string. So, you need to decide the type of underwear you want.

The second thing to consider is the fabric. mens cotton underwear has always been appreciated. Cotton is a breathable fabric which easily soaks sweating and gives proper comfort to wearers. Cotton is considered one of the best fabrics for men with sensitive skin. But it doesn’t mean that you only stick to cotton. Silk and nylon are also good fabrics for underwear. These fabrics are ideal for winter and autumn, but cotton is for all seasons. Silk is considered a sensual fabric that you can wear during your intimate moments. Though, there are no such restrictions in terms of fabrics, you can keep varieties to wear them for certain moments.

The third thing is the size. It is as important as the fabric and the style for you. Know your size by measuring your chest, waists and hips. Note down all the measurements in a paper to bring it along with you for shopping for the right underwear.

The fourth thing is the brand. You shouldn’t compromise in terms of purchasing the best quality. The brand you know very well and have good reputation in the market should be your choice.

The fifth thing to consider is shopping from a reputed store. Purchasing from a well-known store gives you an assurance of authentic brand underwear. You can go for either local or online shopping. Purchasing from online can be an ideal way to purchase branded at an affordable price. You can easily find online shops specialized in selling varieties at an affordable price.

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