When REVEAL’s founders, Terry Omata and Jiaying Wei, backpacked through Asia, South America and Africa, they realized how connected the world had become.  On their journey, they saw Himalayan sherpas trekking with cell phones, Chinese kindergarteners speaking fluent English, Brazilian women grooving to Japanese music and Kenyan men sporting the latest Western fashion. Inspired by the idea of seamlessly combining style, sustainability and mobility, they created REVEAL to reinvent fashion for the Connected Generation.

Their earth-friendly fashion accessories are created using the REVEAL’s 4R Design Philosophy:

Reduce Reduce our impact by making all our products cruelty-free, no animal by-products are used.

Reuse Create timeless designs that are versatile and intuitively functional, so they can be reused for different occasions and over time.

Recycle Respect the planet by using recycled or sustainable materials whenever possible.

Reveal Reveal a collective consciousness among our generation that small steps add up to a big impact.

REVEAL specializes in taking sustainable materials and creating innovative, fashion-forward tech accessories loved by early adopters AND eco-fashionistas. REVEAL’s partnership with American Forests means a new tree is planted for every sale – they’we planted over 8000 trees already!


iPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Nexus tablets are the hottest mobile devices on the market! Their tech-savvy owners need stylish accessories to protect them. REVEAL has a sleek, earth-friendly answer…

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