Do you have that perfect little black dress but need just a little something extra to make the look completely fabulous? How about the perfect shape wear to go under that already perfect dress? Sassybax redefines shapewear into a stylish intimate apparel line with a range of elegant pieces that effectively smoothes over the contours of a woman’s body for a slimmer, sexier silhouette.

So what are you waiting for?  Have your cake and eat it too (then throw on your Sassybax)! Check out their compete line of intimate apparel at


Sassybax are revolutionary bras designed to meet the demand for a smooth silhouette under even the most body skimming clothing. Sassybax virtually eliminates bra bulge and gives the sleek appearance necessary for today’s fashions. It is knit seamlessly 360 degrees in the round and therefore, offers support front and back without anything to leave marks under your clothing or on your skin. Sassybax revolutionary design which is knit seamlessly with our own microfiber nylon and spandex blend offers a uniquely supportive bra. The cup is designed with a knit in shaping and support feature that is unique to Sassybax.

Sassybax was started with a simple mission in mind: “Rid the world of unsightly bra bulge.” In the five years since they have  pioneered the upper body shapewear category it has evolved to develop shapewear solutions for all of the body’s problem areas. From “the world’s most comfortable bra” to  butt-boosting-bottoms with their patented age-defying support system… these products have emerged as distinctive in innovation and quality.

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Sassybax smoothes a woman’s silhouette, eliminates the possibility of bra bulge and provides exceptional comfort as it slims the back and torso.  “Fear is a great motivator,” said Amanda.  “A few years ago, when fashions got slimmer but I hadn’t, I suddenly became afraid for the first time of looking my age.  I created Sassybax for women like me who need a little help keeping their figure looking younger and more fit.”
Amanda thought that if control-top pantyhose could tame and slim a woman’s bottom half, a control-top bra should be able to do the same thing for the upper half.  She created a crude prototype, specified exact design and function criteria, and together with a textile company manufactured Sassybax’s flagship seamless bra.

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Located in southern California, Sassybax initially targeted specific high-end retailers that cater to its customer profile and brand image.  Within one month, it landed the Neiman Marcus account, and by the first year’s end, 300 high-end specialty stores in primary markets.  Successful sell-through of the flagship line at stores and online led to the introduction of new styles and additional channels of distribution in 2005.
The dual role of designer and president of Sassybax is Amanda’s third career, following a decade of television acting and then seven years as a psychotherapist.  Now in her mid-forties, Amanda derives great satisfaction from her new line of work and innovation.  She is amused by the old quote from the patent commissioner, but prefers one attributed to Thomas Edison when it comes to designing for Sassybax:  “Anything that won’t sell, I don’t want to invent.  Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success.”  With a few of its bright ideas already on the market, Sassybax vows to create only useful, solution-based apparel that women with real bodies can enjoy.

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