Desigual presents a fun, stimulating and surprising TV ad inspired by the battle cry “La Vida es Chula” (Life is cool). It centers around the thoughts of three women looking into the mirror and their three different personalities expressed through the brand’s slogan: SEX, FUN and LOVE. The television ad campaign, which launched in Spain and France, will reach over 80% of Desigual’s target audience and already received 200 million hits in each country. It is scheduled to launch in Germany and Italy this week.

400 million hits.
Desigual wants to reach as many people as possible with its passionate and exciting philosophy of life, which is why it has chosen to convey its message in these three ads via YouTube. The aim is to describe each woman’s plans for the New Year so that this can become one of the main topics of conversation on social networking sites. Until now, Desigual had mainly used outdoor advertising and magazines but has now taken a step forward with this new audio-visual platform and a spectacular debut that, like the brand, will definitely make an impression.


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La Vida es Chula.
La Vida es Chula has been Desigual’s slogan since the very beginning. It reflects a way of understanding fashion and life. It’s an enthusiastic, positive, optimistic and genuine declaration of intent. This slogan reflects Desigual’s raison d’etre and is ingrained in the brand’s DNA and unique values. It’s a manifesto on how to face the world each day, which is reflected in a fun way of dressing in fresh and original clothing full of personality.

Desigual People, Fun People.
It’s a well-known fact that the clothes we wear affect our mood and Desigual designs clothing that will brighten up anyone’s day. Make the most of every minute, enjoy the present, know that even during bad times life is a gift and if you’re brave enough to give it your all, it’s likely that life will smile back at you. Desigual people are capable of enjoying a moment of happiness every once in a while, and reflecting on how they understand life by dressing in a fun, fresh and original way. They aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and be themselves because we are all Desigual.

Three women. Three Desigual stories.
The first of the brand’s TV ads focuses on the slogan La Vida es Chula and takes it to the next level. Three women talk about what they are going to wear that day whilst they outline their plans for the approaching new year; resolutions for a life that’s worth living, in which joy, a lack of inhibition and freedom are celebrated in pure Desigual style.


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