Nikki Rich Clothing, the sister line of White Trash Beautiful designed by Nikki Lund and Richie Sambora showcased their latest collection this week at CONCEPT Fashion Week. The event was held at Siren Studio’s in Hollywood where Lund, was on site to deliver the collection to the public.







The line, which launched in 2010 is a favorite amongst A-list celebrities including; Carrie Underwood, Jon Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson, Kate Beckinsale, Miley Cyrus, as well as many others. The line is heavily focused on separates with an emphasis on edge. Nikki Rich Clothing has successfully delivered a line that bridges the gap between contemporary-chic and high-end designer labels.

Lund, whom we had a chance to speak with, emphasized the line’s price point. “It’s extremely affordable, washable and wearable. We have designed a collection with items that can be purchased for around a hundred dollars or less. Making fashion available to the majority.”







Lund wore a leather skirt from the collection, looking what we like to call, “edgy-chic” which mirrored the A/W13 Nikki Rich Collection. When asked about the over all aesthetic of the line, Lund responded:  We are proud to deliver a collection that is item driven, it’s trendy but it’s also beyond trend. We think the line is for a woman who wants to feel confident and who wants to feel sexy.”

The brand effortlessly delivered impeccable craftsmanship, beautifully constructed garments that are well designed beyond the lines moderate price point. Staying true to the design duo’s aesthetic, the line was rocker-street, and still managed to offer sophisticated luxury through the lines silhouettes. The military inspired collection offers a blend of well-tailored jackets, tops and bottoms, incorporating leather into the collection as well. The line also delivered slouchy knits, washable silks and artistic prints. The color story was a mix of chocolate browns, warm earth tones adding black and touches of maroon to round out the collection.






Rich in more than color and style, the A/W 13 collection by Nikki Rich Clothing left us speechless, a true crowd favorite and was over all, a well-received collection. Lund and Sambora should be very pleased with the out come, eagerly awaiting to see what this design duo will deliver next season, we’ll be watching.


Photography by: Kai He

(c) 2013 The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine  

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