Blue Print by St. Louis designer, Paulie Gibson wowed the crowd Tuesday evening at Style Fashion Week in downtown Los Angeles. The designer who first showed last season, returned with a very different, very ‘moving’ performance. Blue Print is the designer’s second collection to debut during Style Fashion Week but certainly not his last.






Gibson chose to focus heavily on the color blue, and what he likes to call, his own Blue Print for life. The 33-year old designer spoke candidly about his collection, affirming his belief that each of us has our own unique, Blue Print and delivering this collection was part of his. The designer who took some heat over last seasons debut,  doubled his runway show, showcasing 50 different looks,  and adding several elements of surprise.




The runway show began with a full-choreographed opening act that continued throughout the duration of the show. Male dancers sashayed down the catwalk to heart-thumping music sending the crowd into a wild frenzy. The dancers, lights and moves left the crowd screaming, as models traipsed through the choreographed segments stopping midway to strike-a-pose.




Gibson believes in his aesthetic for the line, “the collection is really taking off and I wanted something masculine but also wearable. When I went to design the collection, I really believed that we were building a blue print and I wanted it to be filled with things I’ve never done before. In this way, it would be possible for a man to pull from the collection for any occasion




The collection was a variety of separates, everything from slacks to tuxedo jackets with contrasting lining, bright blue, and turquoise were the color mainstay of the collection. Gibson chose to incorporate blacks, as well as a variety of prints into the line. Full suits walked the runway; vibrant colors added a dazzling spark to the already illuminated catwalk. Plaids played alongside bold blues, and knit fabrics were paired with woven’s delivering unusual, yet pleasing complete looks.



paulgibson03.12.13dsc_7780So what’s next for the designer? You’ll just have to wait and see but Gibson did let us in on a little secret, major online e-commerce site, Zappos just picked up the designer’s collection launching this August. His response to all of the recent changes, “I’m super excited about the launch and feel extremely blessed to be a part of some great experiences; not only with Zappos, but on television as well. “


When we asked the designer where he pictured the ‘Paulie Gibson Customer,’ the designer said none other than Los Angeles, “I think my guy lives in LA, I’ve always loved Los Angeles and believe the Paulie Gibson man is here, in this city. But that’s not to discount other cities across the U.S. as well.” Smiling wide the designer wearing his, soon-to-be signature blue slacks, thanked us for our time and assured us there’d be more from him in the future.


If we had to surmise something tells us this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Paulie Gibson, his collection left not only us stunned but the crowd as well. As the lights dimmed, haunting chants of, “Paulie, Paulie…” from back stage echoed in our ears leaving the crowd, myself included inspired. Gibson didn’t just leave an imprint on the runway; he left an imprint in our minds as well, and one that is surely to last long after the final show of the season.

 (c) 2013 The Los Angeles Fashion

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