Comfort and Style Los Angeles Based XCVI Delivers At Style Fashion Week

Their label may be difficult to read, but XCVI (pronounced 1996) designers can certainly read women, and they know what women want. Designer Gita Zeltzer states on her website that her clothes, “resonate with so many types of people,” because she and her fellow designer, Lilia Gorodnitski, “manifested a shared vision: to develop wearable, moveable, breathable clothing for women who believe in style, but also believe in comfort and style “


Los Angeles Based XCVI Los Angeles Based XCVI

Los Angeles Based XCVI

Comfort and Style

Comfort and Style Los Angeles Based XCVI Delivers At Style Fashion Week

Comfort and Style Los Angeles Based XCVI Delivers At Style Fashion Week


These two women certainly achieved this goal with their line, which premiered on their runway show during LA Fashion Week. The line offered a broad yet cohesive range of womenswear, providing a visual map of comfort and style to the daily routine any given female resident of bright and beautiful Los Angeles would undergo. The collection of separates, prints, dresses, and knits claimed a reminiscent tone that was difficult not to interpret as purely and undeniably female empowerment. The flirty and feminine designs paid homage to the female aesthetic while still maintaining a threshold of comfort and modesty that any woman would willingly and happily appreciate.


Keeping with the theme of contrast, the XCVI collection also played fast and loose with the dichotomy between hard and soft, balancing both modes with and against each other to present a complimentary collection that can be mix and matched according to personal preference. This ingenious design feature can be attributed to the fact that Zeltzer originated in theater, and moved into the fashion space while searching for a more expressive and creative outlet, and invariably brought an artistic approach to her work. The use of spacing in the clothes: the way they were fitted and tailored also speaks volumes about the designers, who aim to dress “women who are unapologetic of who they are and what they want out of life. [They] fashion clothes for the confident, the bold, and the adventurous.”


XCVI Designer Gita Zeltzer closing the the show at Style Fashion Week

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With all of this in mind, looking at the comfort and style, there is still something deliciously “LA” about their clothes, the subtle bohemian spirit is very in sync with the LA lifestyle and culture, a kind of conscious casualness that has come to dominate our creative vision. XCVI has certainly put mind, body, and soul into their clothes, and it shines through this collection.


Brittany Pearlman For The Los Angeles Fashion 

Photography by: Kai He

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