The beauty of a charm and the sentiment of a coin. Two different aspects of a simple object that can carry so much meaning for us.
The lastest pieces from 1884 Collection and Etienne Aigner embrace the inherent multifaceted nature of the coin. 1884 Collection delves into the sentimental value put on coins in the past and the tradition of making a ‘wish into the Trevi fountain in Rome’. 1884 Collection elevates the sentimentality of coins from the past and reinterprets them as high end jewelry of the present with precious stones, gold, and diamonds.
Etienne Aigner embraces the sheer beauty of the coin and the luck associated with it in their jewelry collection. As Etienne Aigner himself believed that luck comes to those who create it, the current collection furthers Etienne’s philosophy by using the coin in statement necklaces and charm bracelets.
Beauty, sentiment, wishes, and luck. The coin holds meaning for everyone, and forever will be a symbol for beauty.
1884 Collection-2
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