Make it Work: 4 TV Fashionistas

Fashion moves too fast for most working professionals or busy moms to keep up. Luckily, the growing fashion-TV genre provides aspiring fashionistas with the latest styles, hottest tips and best deals. Whether it’s a cut-throat design show, humorous look at celebrity fashion or bargain-hunting excursion, viewers have no shortage of inspiration to look great and stay up to date on fashion trends. This advent of fashion TV has introduced (or reintroduced) eccentric fashion leaders. These captivating characters narrate the fashion world with wit, brutal honesty, humor and a contagious passion. More information on will help you choose which channels host the shows that can help you access your next fashion muse.

Forget models and mannequins, these prominent fashionistas will guide you to better style and entertain along the way.

Tim Gunn

A long-time fashion professor and consultant, Tim Gunn rose to prominence when he premiered as a host/advisor on “Project Runway”, a fashion-design reality show. Now in its 11th season, “Project Runway” continues to attract longtime fashion followers and casual shoppers, largely thanks to Gunn’s entertaining direction. Now 59, Gunn has earned his own show, “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style,” written numerous books and lent his voice to an animated television show.

Now, fashion enthusiasts and casual shoppers here Tim Gunn’s trademark phrase, “Make it work,” as they get dressed in the morning.

Joan Rivers

Fashion television has introduced a number of fresh-faced style icons, but it’s also provided weathered entertainment veterans a new platform to shine.

Exhibit A: Joan Rivers, the legendary television personality who spends her Friday nights judging celebrity style on “Fashion Police.” Now, in the twilight of her career, Rivers holds no opinions back as she facilitates discussion among a panel of fashion experts. A lesser celebrity would come across as jealous and petty, but Rivers has roamed in A-list celebrity circles for so long, her word is law.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum rose to fame long before her role as host on “Project Runway,” but the German-born super model has moved past stereotypes and established herself as an influential fashion icon and businesswoman. Along with introducing the host, she also serves as a judge for the design contestants. Klum represents the rare combination of world-class looks and a keen design eye. Not only can viewers learn from Klum’s opinions of contestants’ fits, colors and fabrics, they can also look to the models’ outfits for inspiration. Klum maintains a sharp style on the show. With a combination of brains and beauty, Heidi Klum may be the first lady of fashion.

Tara Muscarella

Exotic styles and celebrity fashion is great, but most shoppers are just looking for a deal. Enter Tara Muscarella, manager of used clothing boutique Second Time Around and cast member on the second-hand shopping show “Fashion Hunters.” Muscarella may not be a household name, but her insights into bargain shopping provide tangible value to viewers. Muscarella’s passion for deals is about more than savings. Her “green” attitude encourages shoppers to recycle all clothing and thrift shop in lieu of purchasing brand new clothes. In a world that often sacrifices substance for style, Muscarella manages to capture both. Consider this working woman a rising star in the fashion industry.


by Georgia Donnelly

Georgia is the fashion queen. She advises her readers what’s hot and what’s not.

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