Fashion is a universal language of personal expression and creative vision, and nothing proves how fluent the global fashion community is more than the dozens of international designers who turn up at every Fashion Week around the world.  LA Fashion week is no different, and invites designers from all over the world to show what fashion is all about. Talented, Columbian Designer, Claudia Gonzalez Pruitt, creator of Beso Moda, ‘The Endless Feeling’ launched her latest collection, “Vanity” to a bevy of ‘fashionistas’ during Style Fashion Week.

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Proving that Columbia is very much still on the map, the fashion house Beso Moda showed their latest collection during Style Fashion Week here in lovely Los Angeles. While many of the collections shown for Spring ’13 entertained an array of summery and bright palettes and modes, Beso Moda’s collection proved to be one of the more provocative and explorative lines in terms of design and material preference.



The visionary mind of Pruitt, the designer behind Beso Moda, certainly knows how to design “outside the box” throwing together apparently random materials like feather, chiffon, lace, beading, leather, and tulle all in one unbelievably cohesive line. While the wide range of materials may seem directionless to some, it allowed Besa Moda a large range of creativity that truly showcased their ability to design.




As diverse as the material palette was, Beso Moda’s collection had a very restricted color code, most likely to offset the quirky choice of fabrics, featuring a dramatic swatch of black, cream, turquoise, with the occasional splash of royal blue and gold. The strict color rule not only enhanced the structural features of the designs, most of which were evening apparel, but added a level of control the collection desperately needed to maintain the level of sophistication and discernment that it ultimately achieved.





While little is known about the designer behind this artistic and experimental house of fashion, it is clear that they arrived in the U.S. fully intending to make a statement, and that is exactly what they did. The provocative designs, the avant-garde details, and their dramatic color palette took charge of the runway and worked it towards their advantage, and I award them first place for “Most Dramatic Entrance”.

Brittany Pearlman For The Los Angeles Fashion 

Photography by: Kai He

(c) 2013 The Los Angeles Fashion

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