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My grandfather, who was always exceptionally well dressed, once told me; “When entering a room, always look for the man dressed in a well-tailored suit, for a man in a well-tailored suit is always in-charge.” It wasn’t until I reached a certain age, that I came to fully understand the true implication of his words. In Los Angeles, a city boasting thousands of individuals who have come to an agreement to, ‘dress-down’ for many occasions, opting to retire the notion of having to wear the daily ‘suit-and-tie’ combo and whom prefer a more laissez-faire attire, have traded in their wing-tipped leather-soled dress shoes, for sandals, and tossing out their ties, and oxford button-ups for T-shirts. Going collarless if you will has become the trend. Or it seemed that was the going trend for the last decade, and then suddenly appearing like Daniel Craig, out of a 007 film, the idea of the suit was back! Perhaps it has something to do with the up-tick in films featuring men in well-tailored suits, and ad-campaigns urging men to ‘drink-like-a-gentleman’ and encouraging men to become, ‘the most interesting man in the world…’ suddenly, dressing dapper, no-doubt in part due to television series’ like, Madmen and the ever so polished character, Don Draper, have added to the resurgence.

The Cask Chronicles Hosted By Duncan Quinn And Zacapa Rum

But let’s dig deeper, let’s suggest perhaps that there is an underground revival occurring in the midst of the fashion industry, noticeably of men tired of dressing-down, who appreciate the finer things in life, men who define luxury, setting a new-standard and definition of what it means to dress the part, and dress well. That gentleman, that underground male fashioniado, if you will, is alive and well, and he opened a store not long ago in New York City. That man is named Duncan Quinn and he hasn’t only reignited the spark that has New Yorkers dressing well again, he’s taking that flame across the country.


Quinn, who’s always had a keen eye for cut, shape, color and form opened his first bespoke men’s boutique in New York in 2003, and since then the Londoner by birth,  has been tailoring and reshaping men’s closets’ to their former glory by aiding individuals in acquiring the ‘perfect-suit’. He’s also been known to help those individuals indulge in a few of the finer things in life, whether he’s throwing an occasional party in-store, or hosting a soiree on a double-decker bus, or at times both at once! …Duncan Quinn knows how to have a good time, and dress-well doing so.

The Cask Chronicles Hosted By Duncan Quinn And Zacapa Rum

The Cask Chronicles Hosted By Duncan Quinn And Zacapa Rum

Everything the atelier does is a direct reflection of his time spent traveling the world, experiencing all that life has to offer. The well-traveled Quinn, relishes in learning new customs, visiting new places and his attention to detail, when creating a custom suit comes directly from those travels. A detail driven man by nature, when Quinn sets out to do-something he leaves no stone unturned, the best of the best, top of the line luxury in everything the man touches. Which is why it’s no surprise that when Quinn came up with the idea to take his store-front on wheels for a cross-country tour—I had to get a seat on board. What began as a journey to bring a taste of, ‘Savile Row’ to America, has launched a revolution in menswear, to be well suited is in. To celebrate, ‘the-suit’ Quinn took his idea and put her on wheels. Now the tastemaker is embarking on a three-city tour of the United States to share his bespoke men’s line with the world. But, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, he’s not just driving a double-decker bus around hauling clothes in boxes. Quinn and the fine mixologists at Zacapa Rum are putting together a dinner for sixteen lucky individuals to board the DQ Double-Decker bus for a night of fashion, cocktails, and tall-tales. Starting out in New York, the bus made it’s way to Miami, Florida last month, and it’s final stop is right here in Los Angeles, the bus lands in L.A. tonight and needless to say, I am eagerly awaiting the jaunt on what has been aptly titled, ‘The Cask Chronicles.’

Duncan Quinn_Headshot

What is sure to be a night of fast moving-cocktails, conversations with individuals well versed in ‘the finer things’ and men dressed in well-tailored suits, I’d say I’m one lucky lady. With a follow up post-dinner feature to regale all of you about my experience aboard The Cask Chronicles, I can assure you I won’t leave you high-and-dry. Follow up feature coming soon.

The Cask Chronicles Hosted By Duncan Quinn And Zacapa Rum

To learn more about Duncan Quinn and his foray into menswear visit: follow duncanquinn @duncan_quinn on twitter and  hashtag #caskchronicles to follow this evenings festivities.


For info on Zacapa Rum, visit: and on twitter @zacaparum


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