To truly excel in fashion, you need something that cannot be taught— you need the gift of the artist, and that is something you must be born with. Luckily for BoBo House of Fashion founder and designer, Eloise Lapidus, she inherited the artistic talents of her father, French fashion designer, Ted Lapidus.

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Eloise Lapidus 

Lapidus’ house of fashion is a love letter to the French approach to life, “bourgeois-bohème”. It is a particular perspective on life that originated in Paris, which, according to her website, “reflects stylistic independence and relaxed luxury”. This motif runs through each and every one of the BoBo House’s designs, which also pays close attention to impact, as well as influence.



Like most fashion designers these days, the trend is not in the clothes but in the method, and Lapidus makes sure that her pieces are made in the least environmentally impactful way as possible. Lapidus always uses eco-friendly materials, and produces the designs locally in Los Angeles, instead of outsourcing to foreign countries where labor is considerably cheaper.


Clearly, Lapidus takes her fashion house very seriously, but you’d never know it by looking at her designs.  Full of whimsy and femininity, the casual elegance of her designs does in fact achieve her “la boheme” aesthetic. Maintaining a status quo of separates and RTW attire, most of her designs look as if they were meant to outfit the great stars of the sixties while on a Parisian vacation (Audrey Hepburn comes to mind).

Cocktail Cardigan


Lapidus explains this be recalling, “Growing up in Paris I was mesmerized by the sophistication and beauty of French women and the streets of the city they called home”.  Watching Lapidus Sr. dress and attract stars like Alain Delon, Brigette Bardot, and John Lennon must have had a serious impact on the way Miss Lapidus not only styles icons, but also sees life itself.


The glamour and surrealism that surrounded her throughout her childhood shines through her designs so clearly, every piece feels like a dedication to delicacy and discretion, without compromising sexuality. This is rather the genius, or pièce de résistance, of her designs: her ability to capture that Parisian style of romance and sophistication that only they seem capable of really mastering. As a child of the “la boheme” lifestyle, it only makes sense that Eloise Lapidus’ joie de vivre runs through BoBo House.


Brittany Pearlman For The Los Angeles Fashion 

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