How to Wear: White-on-White Trend

The designs were all stripped of color. Models walked the runway decked in head-to-toe white. The message was clear: Spring/Summer 2013 was a time to start fresh –a clean slate. The warmer season would be a wardrobe away from the bold and bright, and the print-on-print. The season would anticipate a total white-out.

 How to Wear: White-on-White Trend How to Wear: White-on-White Trend

The trend was simple: White was to be a blank canvas waiting to be adorned by its artist. From sheer fabrics at Valentino to laser cuts at Chloe, the designers proved that there were many sides of white. With fashion week long over, it was up to us to live up to the total white challenge. Now was the time to experiment with the endless possibilities of white.

 How to Wear: White-on-White Trend How to Wear: White-on-White Trend

Toughen Up

While it is common knowledge that white is associated with anything pure and soft, it need not necessarily be. Sportmax and Giambattista Valli proved through their collections that there is something tough about white. For the non-conformists whose wardrobes consist of every shade of dark, here is the chance to wear a lighter color without losing any toughness to your style.

For an edgy white look, layer contrasting fabrics such as lace and leather. This will not only keep an outfit interesting but will also bring daring edginess to your look. Experiment with boxy and oversized silhouettes; oversized pieces will keep a white-on-white outfit from appearing too elegant. Lastly, what’s a tough outfit without a bomber jacket? A white bomber jacket will be just as tough as a black one.

 How to Wear: White-on-White Trend How to Wear: White-on-White Trend

Go the Sheer Route

Show some skin. Sheer pieces don’t only exude sexy confidence but are also appropriate for the warmer weather. Going the transparent route is perfect for a lighter look this season. Nonetheless, decking out in sheer white will always be a fashion risk. There’s a fine line between showcasing the right amount of skin and going overboard.

Balance is the key to the perfect sheer ensemble. It’s important to limit the amount of skin revealed. Layering on sheer white pieces prevents revealing too much and keeps an outfit interesting. Mixing other white textures to the ensemble will keep the outfit from looking too predictable. Unpredictable is the way to go, especially with transparency.

 How to Wear: White-on-White Trend How to Wear: White-on-White Trend

 Show Off Your Feminine Side

With head-to-toe white at the top of the trends list this season, go ahead and flaunt your feminine side. The white trend is perfect for those who opt for elegant and feminine. At Simon Rocha and Agnes B, white femininity was showcased in the most flattering of silhouettes.

Lace and sheer fabrics are ideal when deciding on a feminine ensemble. The apt mix of fabrics will create an elegant and feminine look. It’s important to keep outfits at a minimal. In terms of femininity, less is more. Silhouettes should also be kept simple and clean.

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