When you grow up with acne or other skin-related problems, you and your wallet become very familiar with products that offer a lot and deliver very little. I could literally tell a bad skin-care product just by smelling it. Jennifer Bradley, makeup artist and cosmetic creator, is introducing two new products that are the answer to the oceans of creams and liquids that will often do more harm than good to those of us with sensitive skin.


“Time Freeze” and “Clearly Younger Skin Crème” are two of Bradley’s products that totally nail the formula for sensitive-skin relief and that also serve as proper primers for applying makeup. You can file the last part of that sentence into “things I probably shouldn’t know as a guy but do anyway.”


My favorite thing about Jennifer Bradley’s products is that they don’t contain any irritating fragrances or fillers, or cheap mineral oils that suffocate your skin. These are huge things to watch out for if you’ve got sensitive skin. “TIME FREEZE” is oil-free. It boosts collagen and it moisturizes. It’s a priming serum, but it also works as an anti-aging treatment. Plus it soaks your skin with pure hyaluronic acid (See: the good kind of acid). There’s really no better way to do it than this.


“Clearly Younger Skin Crème” is a retexturizer, and I was going to say, “It’s just what the doctor ordered,” but most of my experiences with dermatologists have resulted in prescriptions for creams that contain very irritating chemicals. As the name suggests, “Clearly Younger Skin Crème w/Retinol” contains a very mild retinol formula that doesn’t burn or peel. It has an additional firming agent called DMAE, which is good for aesthetic purposes, and it’s all blended with Anti-Oxidants and Aromatherapeutic plant extracts that relieve your irritated skin. If you’re tired of your skin and your wallet taking a beating from all the recurrent purchases of irritating and subpar products, it’s time to give these a shot.

“Time Freeze” & “Clearly Younger Skin Crème w/Retinol” are both available online at www.jenniferbradley.com and also at select retail locations across the US.

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