Looking for something special to spice up your wardrobe? Then look no further than the women’s luxury brand L’Cheriyve. This high-end designer brand is taking a woman’s passionate instincts to new heights. L’Cheriyve debuted its collection of Trenchcapades™ – a season-less, contoured interpretation of the classic woman’s trench coat. The design, couture fabrication, fit and uniqueness of a Trenchcapade™ surpasses conventional boundaries of luxury, style and functionality.




L’Cheriyve will redefine the way women access, embrace and express their sensuality with an 11-piece collection that features a sophisticated blend of modern style and couture fabrications, in celebration of a woman’s power and passion. With luxury at its foundation, Trenchcapades™ will reveal a woman’s naturally flirtatious and sensuous side, celebrating modern femininity, awareness and a sense of adventure.





Trenchcapades™ aren’t simply outerwear; they’re intended to stylishly and tastefully contribute to an overall experience for women.  “L’Cheriyve was created to celebrate curiosity and the joy of adoration with women,” says Yvette Poole, founder and CEO of the Los Angeles based company.

Each of the 11 Trenchcapades™ are available for sale exclusively via L’Cheriyve’s immersive, online shopping portal www.lcheriyve.com.

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