Trends in Men’s Custom Jewelry – Big and Bold Rings

Many want to only give custom men’s jewelry for special gifts on unique and special occasions. This can be anything from a men’s wedding ring to custom jewelry pieces denoting the birth of a son. Jewelry that is custom made for special occasions is a trend in custom men’s jewelry design that has recently begun to be more popular. Instead of stock pieces of jewelry individuals now prefer custom men’s jewelry.


Men didn’t begin wearing gold chains until about the 1970s; mens custom jewelry has an interesting and extensive history. Those in ancient cultures from all around the globe had favorite adornments and men’s jewelry was often made to show signify strength, respect and wealth. Mens custom jewelry still has some of the same traditions today as early jewelry for men but mostly men wear it to show wealth. Most custom jewelry pieces for the majority of men today is custom rings.


Ancient History

Of course in ancient times custom mens jewelry was all there was – if a man wanted jewelry for himself it was custom made. If the king wanted something for his queen he ordered it custom made since jewelry stores were not the fad that they are now. Most of these custom mens jewelry pieces told a story of some type. It seems from history that the Egyptians were the first to make fine jewelry out of gold. These were custom pieces that were used to display how rich they were.


Earliest History – Africa

The earliest evidence of custom mens jewelry seems to have begun in Africa where body ornaments made of stone, bones, and teeth has been found. These custom pieces were worn by both men and women with most jewelry pieces having significance to various tribes or within tribes custom mens jewelry showed great hunting skills or strength.


Greeks and Romans

The ancient Greek culture enjoyed custom designing jewelry out of gemstones and gold although it usually was only worn on special occasions.  The Romans had a diverse and ever-changing approach to jewelry, yet most Roman men wore only rings as custom jewelry pieces. During the Middle Ages in Europe, weapons and signet rings were the custom mens jewelry pieces.



Today in mens jewelry almost all of it is stock jewelry except for rings. Custom mens jewelry today is big and bold rings. There are many websites where men can go to design their own rings and have them shipped to them. They can pick the style, metal, stones, and size all over the internet. These are the bulk of the trade in custom mens jewelry today. These rings have a lot of onyx used on them as well as often a diamond or two. Men seem to be more into the size of the ring instead of what it is made of. The larger the custom mens jewelry rings – the better; although the trend of pinky rings is making a comeback in mens jewelry.


Men seem to prefer custom rings in a wide assortment of gemstones with the most popular being turquoise lapis lazuli, onyx, sapphire, tiger’s eyes and some common agates are seen in custom mens jewelry designs.


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