The Beauty Within Health: Your Guide To Natural Beauty and Weight Loss Without Dieting


We all spend a ton of money on beauty products and weight loss programs trying to perfect ourselves, hoping we will somehow turnout like the women in the ads. Well, here’s the truth; true beauty lies within. And we’re not talking just personal characteristics, we mean literally what you are putting inside your body. Your skin and appearance  is an outer reflection of your inner health. The real secret to real results without spending hundreds at a beauty counter?
Real Nutrition!

Living the “on-the-go”, technologically advanced fast-life has allowed to us to forget that we are still the same homo sapiens that we have been for thousands of years. Our body is meant to eat plants, fruits, seeds, grains, and animal material. With the emergence of food science and genetically modified ingredients, we can put food in our mouth until we’re full, but our body will always be starving. In other words, your body does not recognize these chemicals and is unable to process them, especially because you are not getting the proper nutrients. Without nutrients, your body, which believes you are still a hunter-gatherer, thinks you are starving and stores the food as fat for survival. The storing of toxins and chemicals in your body leads to aging skin and other unwanted attributes. Of course, it is almost inevitable to not eat chemically processed foods, as they take up 80% of our grocery stores and favorite restaurants, so here are five ways to stay healthy and bring out your inner beauty, without doing some major dieting:

1. Chia Seeds
A weight loss miracle worker! Chia seeds are the richest plant source of Omega-3, help reduce blood pressure, and reduce food cravings. They absorb ten times their water weight, forming a bulky gel that helps prevent some of the food you are eating from getting absorbed into your system. Throw them into a cup of your favorite juice and let them sit for 10 minutes and enjoy!


2. Juicing-
Making sure we our eating our veggies on a daily basis can be a hassle. But the truth is, these are our ultimate necessities, next to water.  So why not throw them all in together in a cup and take it on the go?  The most detoxifying and nutritious veggies for your juice are kale, parsley, broccoli sprouts, cucumbers, carrots, and spinach. Throw them all in a blender or juicer with your favorite fruits and/or organic juice (for taste so it wont taste like you’re eating your front lawn), and juice away! Try to have one a day for a minimum of four days a week. The results? Weight loss, glowing skin, and more energy!


 3.     Fish Oils-
The Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil also serve for faster digestion and antioxidants. Taking one after every meal will allow your body to digest your food faster leading to weight loss. As far as beauty, fish oils are filled with Vitamin E, which result in healthy skin and hair growth! Take 2-3 a day.
4. Spirulina-
The tablet derived from algae is an anti-aging antioxidant made of 60% protein. Spirulina supports helps illuminate toxins from the skin and prevent candida bacteria overgrowth that causes acne breakouts, and increase skin metabolism to enable faster skin cell turnover and healing! It is a miracle supplement to add to your daily natural beauty routine!

5. Exercise
Last, but definitely not least! By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. Exercise helps release stress and happy endorphins, and of course will help you get your body tight!

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