Colostrum cream is the future of skincare

Quantum physics, agricultural science, cell growth, chemical molecules…and beauty creams?  Welcome to the future of natural skincare.  As more and more people traverse towards a more natural and healthy lifestyle in regards to what they put into their bodies, it makes sense to turn to similar habits when it comes to skincare.

 Our skin is our largest living organ, and is our greatest protector.  Yet we often times disregard and abuse our skin, nonetheless expecting it to work at its fullest potential.  Many of the creams we slather ourselves with are comprised of jarring chemicals, undoubtedly harming what should be our most prized possession.

 According to Denie Hiestand’s research, one of the main contributors to diseases such as breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, hormonal disruption and infertility can all be linked back to the body’s exposure to chemicals from skin creams.  It startled him to know that women were willingly exposing themselves to such risks with the continued use of skin creams, thus prompting him to change things.  Years later, and after much research, Mr. Hiestand created a skincare revolution simply called theCream.


Despite its modest name, according to its creator, theCream is comprised of “the most powerful life giving substance in the universe.”  That substance happens to be biologically live colostrum from New Zealand cows, which happens to be 200 times more powerful than human colostrum.  Colostrum is a milky fluid produced by all mammals a few days after giving birth before the actual milk comes in.  It is abundantly full of some of the best things that nature has to offer—including disease-fighting antibodies.

  Mr. Hiestand’s discovered that “colostrum is the only anti-aging compound known to man, which activates DNA code and creates cell-to-cell communication.  Colostrum is also the only compound that supplies the cell every component it needs to be healthy and function properly.”  In the process of creating everyone’s skincare dream, Mr. Hiestand asked himself three simple questions to keep his product as pure and beneficial as possible.  He asked himself 1. Would I use it myself? 2. Would I eat it? 3. Would I feed this cream to my newborn baby?  The answer to all three questions had to be yes, and he made sure the answer remained yes.


TheCream is 100% concentrate with no added water and works to naturally rebuild the cells in the skin back to their homeostatic state, fading away age spots, acne marks, wrinkles and returning your skin to a more youthful and supple state.  Some users have reported immediate results, while others have seen significant change after a few uses.

 Launched in November 2012, theCream has already gathered a faithful following making it #1 in New Zealand, and its creator has now set his sights on the US market.  He is currently looking for distributors and stores in the US to help spread awareness about the importance of what we put on our skin and the effect skin creams have on the rest of our bodies.  For now, theCream is available on their website www.TheCream.US

By  Clarissa Burt with Marika Bastrmajian

© 2013 The Los Angeles Fashion 

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