At LA Fashion Magazine we are in constant search of the newest and richest talent and there is no better time for discovery for new designers than New York Fashion Week.

Denise Fleming, founder and CEO of the hottest fashion PR showroom on Melrose Place called Look Los Angeles, is our go to person for spotting new brands and implementing celebrity trends.

She made it our mission this fashion week to dive deep into the fashion discovery pool to find that new emerging designer and one to watch for 2014.  Among the dozens of new designers, we’ve found one that has the talent and skills to back up that hype.

Portuguese designer Katty Xiomara is already shaping the European fashion scene having presented at both Paris and Lisbon Fashion Weeks. Katty Xiomara has received immense international attention and to boost that global reach Katty Xiomara debuted her Spring/Summer 14 collection at NYFW last week with celebrities such as Jennie Garth in attendance.

Designer to Know Now: Katty Xiomara

For the season, she’s continuing to do what she does best. Katty Xiomara innovative creations assume on elegant, voluptuous, lascivious, poetical, idyllic and romantic character of the modern woman.

Designer to Know Now: Katty Xiomara

Playing with a feminine yet edgy look on the classics, Katty Xiomara exhibited sleek collar tops, fitted trousers, high-waisted hems up on striking silk textures for her Spring/Summer 14 debut.

Designer to Know Now: Katty Xiomara

From the simplicity in the neutral colors, collars to buttons, clean lines to tailored fits her collection was simply outstanding. Denise quotes “Im completely obsessed with Katty Xiomara’s lace silhouettes, it’s the perfect balance of feminine and edgy”.


Katty Xiomara’s career began in 1996 and has grown rapidly since. She presented her first collection in Portugal Fashion Week – dabbling in children’s’ wear and swimwear firsthand. Not to mention she was previously a professor of design at CITEX.


Excluding that ladylike elegance with an edge, Katty Xiomara really is one to watch and you will be sure to see her beautiful designers adorned by the Hollywood elite very soon.


This is just the beginning for Katty Xiomara , we humbly recommend you remember her name now.


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