The long awaited and highly anticipated Fashion Week San Diego finally arrives and this time rocking the house and the runway. As Fashion Week San Diego continues, Thursday October 3rd, kicks off its first of three runways shows featuring some of San Diego’s talented designers.  The venue took place at the beautiful San Diego Port Pavilion at Broadway Pier, which is located on the bay and that served as a stunning backdrop.  With last years fashion week being a major success the anticipation and expectations were running high this year. With state of the art video from Eqculture and team Fashion Week San Diego made this years San Diego Fashion Week a first class production.

Candice Edwin Andre Soriano Tim Vechik-1-6664-1

Nikki Smith Andre Soriano Tim Vechik-1-7038-1

The show opened up with an introduction to Fashion Week designers hosted by Allison Andrew, director and creative genius behind Fashion Week San Diego. The show’s highlight of the night were the designers of “Styled To Rock” which featured the native San Diegan designer Andre Soriano who had been hand selected by pop princess Rihanna herself for her new Reality fashion show “Styled to Rock” set to premiere October 25th on BRAVO. Andre Soriano, last year’s San Diego Fashion Week contestant was among the selected for “Styled To Rock” and is featuring his new amazing collection tonight on the runway “Punk De Luxe”. The Punk De Luxe collection, designed by Soriano has an elegant, chic and punky glam look with jaw dropping headpieces. The collection along with the presentation was dramatic, breath taking, and over the top Andre Soriano style! A complete opposite of his last year’s old Hollywood glam. Soriano wanted to show the other side of young Hollywood! What is Andre’s inspiration behind the collection this year? “My inspiration in our “Punk De Luxe” Collection is very edgy, modern, avant-garde, ultra sexy and chic. It’s actually designed for Rihanna whether she’s performing on her Music Videos, doing the Red Carpet, Interviews, Partying and socializing, it very young Hollywood, also like Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, she’s still young, and for the Hollywood celebrities that are edgy, confident and fashion forward.” It truly is hard to say which piece is my favorite. Each design looks like portable art work.

L97A6923-1 Lexie Rowland Andre Soriano Tim Vechik-1-6638

Andre Soriano Tim Vechik-3-7277-1

From Left to Right: Andre Soriano, Cecilia Aragon and Dexter Simmons, Styled To Rock Designers

The collection itself was amazing and the presentation even more stunning. In true Soriano fashion a touch of glamour and theatrics left the audience captivated. Cecilia Aragon, also a Style to Rock contestant has teamed up with Soriano on their first collaboration for Fashion Week San Diego for the ready to wear men’s collection. There amazing menswear fall collection was seen down the runway toward the closing of the show. Another Styled to Rock designer who stunned the crowd was Dexter Simmons. His amazing designs and animal like headpieces left me speechless. The talented trio rocked the night and the runway and needless to say, the first runway show for San Diego Fashion Week was a total success and can’t wait to see what the rest of the week will bring!

Andre Soriano at the finale of his show

Andre Soriano at the finale of his show

Photography by Tim Vechik –

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