Andrea Bocchio Jewelry Creates One-Of-A-Kind Pieces

It seems like we have all had a friendship bracelet making kit growing up, but Andrea Bocchio is taking handmade bracelets to a whole new level of cool. This Peruvian designer based in Brooklyn is showing that her jewelry flawlessly weds multiple textiles together to create a multi-textured matrimony made in heaven. Using imported threads and yarn from Peru, along with metal hardware and studs, she has perfected and refined the statement necklaces and friendship bracelets of the past.


Kabini B Bracelet

Currently, her collection consists of handmade bracelets and necklaces. She has created a Peruvian collection that has bright, richly-hued threads intricately crocheted with silver and rainbow accent beads. The theme seems to follow suit with Peru’s local vibrant and popular colors, giving true culture to the au-currant color scheme. Purples, strong rusty oranges and glorious blues combined in the Peruvian Collection make it stand out above the rest, especially when paired with your outfits.


Titicaca Blue Necklace

Andrea Bocchio Jewelry is the perfect way to spice up those old outfits you are pulling out of your closet for the fall or even your new ones you have been waiting for the temperature to drop to wear. A statement necklace can be paired with a plain or striped T-shirt and jeans to pull of that “effortless chic,” look. For a more dressed up look, dawn a button up blouse tucked into a knee length pencil and top it off with a studded statement necklace. To start out with smaller accents, stack a bracelet on with your watch to instantly give your wrist some perfect arm-candy.


Roxen Black Collar

Andrea Bocchio Jewelry’s color and hardware combinations are out of the box and wildly unique. To glam up your outfits this fall all you need are one-of-a-kind touches from this collection to pack some punch and vibrant color.


Ord Bracelet

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By Clarissa Burt with Karyssa Wilhelm

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