Makeup Mandy Creates Chemical-Free, Red Carpet-Ready Beauty Looks

 Makeup Mandy owner and founder Amanda Jacobellis has revved up the safety standards and the instant glam factor in the beauty industry through her salon and products, making her one of the most sought-out celebrity makeup artists today.

 From the Oscars to everyday appearances, Amanda believes appearance is vital to success.  “You feel better, you meet people, you do better at work, you do better at interviews,” Amanda said.

Amanda Jacobellis, owner and founder of Makeup Mandy

 During her college years, Amanda did professional makeup to help pay for school, but eventually moved to the West Coast, where she did makeup for film and television. Since then, her celebrity following has grown tremendously.

 Some of her most notable celebrity clients include Bette Midler, Diane Von Furstenberg, Carrie Fisher, Kesha, and Avril Lavigne. Although Amanda’s salon attracts celebrities and entertainment networks such as E!, Makeup Mandy’s clientele includes moms or other executives who aren’t in the spotlight.

Makeup Mandy Creates Chemical-Free, Red Carpet-Ready Beauty Looks

 The popularity of Makeup Mandy can be credited to the effortless beauty her newest service would provide. Disappointed by the poorly made lashes and foreign-filmed training videos she saw at a trade show, she saw a market to create a new form of lash application that would set her apart from the rest.

 “Our biggest thing is that we’re the only brand that really cares about the health and safety,” Amanda said.

 In 2003, Mandy started doing lash extensions, called LAshX, which last 6 to 8 weeks. With an already impressive list of celebrity clients, the demand for lash services increased dramatically. Her salon, Makeup Mandy on Melrose was born in November 2006 to accommodate her growing client list.

Makeup Mandy Creates Chemical-Free, Red Carpet-Ready Beauty Looks

Despite the popularity of the salon, Amanda realized that she was allergic to the harsh chemicals in the glues used to apply the lashes. Not only were the products irritating, but they also did not last long and cleaning them was impossible without ruining the lashes.

 So in 2009, Amanda began manufacturing her own line of healthier, safer lash products that at the same time strived “to have every client leaving feeling like a million bucks.” All of the products are made in Los Angeles and are oil, glycol, paraben, formaldehyde, and sulfate-free.

In order to make looking glamorous easy and affordable at home, the salon sells strip lashes, called Eye Do’s, which come in an appropriately packaged engagement ring box.

Makeup Mandy Creates Chemical-Free, Red Carpet-Ready Beauty Looks

Makeup Mandy Eye Do’s

While the salon specializes in its LAshX service, Makeup Mandy is also a full service salon offering airbrush tanning, waxing, hair extensions and more.

For those who can’t visit Makeup Mandy in person, the products are available online at and at over 200 luxury salons including those at Caesar’s Palace and Bellagio in Las Vegas. These professional salons also are certified by Amanda to apply LAshX lashes.

Moving forward, the newest addition to the company includes a new salon opening by mid-November in Newport Beach. Along with that, Amanda said she’s working on some new products for next year, including a special mascara.

Whether the services and products are purchased at the Makeup Mandy salon, online or at a certified spa, the company’s philosophy remains the same.

“Our real mission with Makeup Mandy is for clients to feel like themselves, but the best version of themselves,” she says, “and to do it the easiest way possible.”

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By Clarissa Burt with Tamara Kraus

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