Purusa Naturals Transforms Fragrance Market With Gel Application

The world of beauty is consistently changing toward a more chic outlook everyday. From new packaging designs and advanced technology, there is no telling what’s next.

Sebastian Signs, the fragrance brand created by entrepreneur and professional perfumer Sherri Sebastian, introduces a chic new way to wear fragrance: the very first all-natural fragrance gel. This semi-solid and botanically-based perfume gel is currently found exclusively in her new Purusa Naturals fragrance line and is a light, non-greasy gel derived from 100 percent all-natural Argan oil.


The luxurious texture of the perfume gel makes it an ideal way to apply fragrance because it delicately coats the skin for a longer lasting, natural fragrance experience. The natural features and benefits of this perfume gel meet the needs of today’s consumer because it is green, vegan, cruelty-free, contains no parabens or silicones and uses sustainable and safe ingredients. Furthermore, Argan oil is known for its multi-beneficial properties including hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Root Perfume Gel

Root Perfume Gel

 “For years I had been searching for an effective, all-natural base for natural fragrance application,” Sebastian says. “When I was introduced to Argan gel, I was thrilled to find that it enhanced the essence of natural fragrances and allowed them to last longer on skin. I designed Sebastian Signs Purusa Naturals for both women and men seeking natural luxury. The line consists of four elegant perfume gels: Petalum, Leaf, Root and Seed.” And each of these gels are derived from the plants that bear their name.

Seed Perfume Gel

Seed Perfume Gel

Another great advantage of the perfume gel is that it can be used sparingly and will last longer on skin than traditional natural fragrance. Each Purusa Naturals jar contains up to 200 applications making it the equivalent to the average size perfume bottle.

“The Purusa brand invites us to embrace ourselves exactly as we are right now,” says Sebastian, “and I believe people are seeking ways to connect with their authentic selves.”

For more about Purusa or to purchase, visit SebastianSigns.com.

By Clarissa Burt with Eman B. Fendi

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