E! News, Us Weekly Magazine and many more fashion and entertainment outlets are always asking, “Who wore it best?” These segments usually compare two celebs wearing the same dress in similar sizes pinned against each other fighting for the title. So what makes one dress stand out while the other falls short? It’s called style.

More often than not, style and fashion are lumped into the same category. However, they are very different. Fashion is the clothes we see in magazines, what the mannequins are wearing at department stores and what is “trending.” Style is using fashion to create a look that mirrors your personality. It’s an outward expression of who you are and how you want the world to perceive you. So what does your wardrobe say about you? Let’s dive into some of the many styles. Maybe you fit into one, maybe you don’t or maybe a few pinpoint you. The awesome thing about style is that like you, it is always, evolving.

The Minimalist

Photo by ldhren from Flickr

You wake up, take a shower and keep your hair down to air dry then throw it up in a loose bun. You stick to mellow hues, mostly grays and whites, and some people would call you a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. If you dress up, you’re wearing a simple dress with a small, delicate necklace and just a dusting of makeup to bring out your naturally gorgeous features.

The Bombshell

Photo of leopard dress by …love Maegan from Flickr

Hot pink lips, teased hair, sky-high heels and a short dress to top it off. Ladies, you have met your match. You play up your curves, never leave the house without a full face of makeup and aren’t afraid to show it all off. You’ve got the latest statement jewelry, a closet full of jewel-colored pieces and leopard is your favorite “neutral.”

The Cool Mom

Photo of brown riding boot from Target

You’ve got the latest haircut, most expensive stroller and a Marc Jacobs diaper bag. People compliment you all the time asking how you do it all while looking so good. You’re that shopper that scours the Internet to get the best deal online when shopping for women’s shoes and baby clothes and when you go out for a night on the town with your husband, you still make all the heads turn.

The Working Girl

Photo by …love Maegan from Flickr

Pumps, a button-up blouse and a blazer are your ultimate power pieces and you rock them all. You always look professionally put together, and your closet looks like you just stepped into Ann Taylor. On the weekends, you prefer ballet flats to flip flops and you wouldn’t be caught dead in anything with spikes, skulls or a pop of bubblegum pink.

Wild Child

Photo by fervent-adept-de-la-mode from Flickr

You’re out to make a statement. Chains, leather, the latest biker jacket, floral headbands are all familiar to you — the more the better. Your wrists are stacked with an eclectic mix of rocker jewelry and your favorite color is neon. Nothing is too trendy, too cool or over the top. You want to stand out and you’ve got the personality to pull anything off.

If you’re still struggling with your style, it’s easy to get a grasp on what you want your wardrobe to say about you. Pick up some glossies at the grocery store, window shop, look at fashion blogs and see how they put outfits together. Once you’ve got a look you’re going for, shopping becomes much easier. Also, if you want to go a little over the top but aren’t a complete bombshell or wild child, get an edgy bracelet or buy a shirt with a little leather trim. It’s always OK to experiment, mix and match and even make some mistakes on the way to finding your personal style.

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