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Orange County Fashion Week 2014 – Shows and Schedules

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Orange County Fashion Week  2014 joins forces with Runway Entertainment of Viet Fashion Week

In Orange County, Fashion Week has expanded its international fabric; two producers have joined forces to build an all new production. Kathryn Marino, founder of Hauteoc Inc. luxury incentive agency based in Orange County, and founder of the Orange County Fashion Council and Tracy Pham founder of Runway Entertainment and Producer of Viet Fashion Week, to culminated their talents to produce an all-new OC Fashion Week.

Orange County Fashion Week

“In history, fashion has always influenced the “fabric” of societies and communities in the world allover, and in our market we understand the economic and business relevance exclusive of Los Angeles, of Orange County. Even though we are a metropolitan PMSA of the LA DMA, we, Orange County,  independently make up  the fashion retail consumer power at some 37 billion in retail sales,  a multitude of zip codes of luxury buying power that exceeds that of some fashion capitals.  Here people not only characterized by fashion as who they are but also to a great number of them,  fashion in Orange County is what they do for a living.  ”We live among a great number of buyers, whom fly to NYC, London, Paris and Milan for fashion week then come back here to live. Orange County, in undisputably a buyer’s market, and it shows in the U.S. census. International designers that showcase in Orange County are in a prime location to launch new collections and/or products and brands.”

In this Spotlight, Tracy Pham producer of Viet Fashion Week has always been comfortable behind the scenes designing the Runways of fashion shows, this season she collaborates with Marino in an endeavor to restructure the all-new Orange County Fashion Week. “I am very excited to come aboard Orange County Fashion Week, particularly in that it has expanded in attracting new international designers to its platforms – the fact that we have garnered bikini designers opening day also defines an area of market that is predictive of our weather here. We don’t necessarily require or demand of fall/ winter coats in our collections – we don’t get 4 feet of snow here in the California Riviera.”

“Its an important to recognize the fact that our market is different” says Kathryn Marino, “and the style of how other  fashion week’s are produced don’t necessarily dictate what we determine in our shows what is necessary to make our market relevant. In truth, we are relevant because we are a buyer’s market.”

www.orangecountyfashionweek.com March 3-8th ear marks its second annual – full fledged week Marino had become the new owner of OCFW with its originating 2005 founders in 2014 taking its show from three days to 5 through innovative events each highlighting a venue targeted to a different audience each day such as Sugar Rush (Resort Wear and Accessories at Seven Degrees), Hautech (Menswear at Lyon Air Museum), House of Style (Glass Catwalk at ANQi by Crustacean) and Couture (Sculpture Garden of Dawson Cole Fine Art)

Like any fashion retail store, there is a target audience, so when we define each day of our fashion week, we do this by category of designer genre for several reasons: for one it allows designers  to be exposed to a category of audiences that fit their target audience demographics, secondly, it also allows sponsors to be exposed to their preferred target audience as well, each day of Orange County Fashion Week is dedicated to this criteria, highlighted by Haute spot attractions like Dawson Cole Fine Art, Lyon Air Museum, AnQi by Crustacean and Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach – –  fashionable landmarks that also fit the profile of this market demo.”

“As a sponsor we are thrilled to be part of Orange County Fashion Week of Day 5,  La Marca Prosecco is an elegant, luxurious sparkling wine and we know that our involvement not only makes a valuable contribution to fashion but also the arts which is important for our brand’s visions, the sculpture garden of Dawson Cole Fine Art is an incredible backdrop for the Orange County Ballet Theatre’s whose Couture performance in designer Dan Richter’s fashion collections is a momentous occasion, and we can hardly wait.”

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/G2lWxMVkLF0

A sugar rush of icing cools California Riviera as jewels, gems and bikini bling opens the Catwalk at Orange County Fashion Week’s Sweet Splendor of Style: SUGAR RUSH – Opening Day – kicks off at 7 Degrees Laguna Beach this year reminding all why Fashion, Style and the Sun in the OC can’t be beat March 3-8, 2014.

From March 3rd through March 8th, the California Riviera’s gorgeous coastal community of Orange County will play host to Orange County Fashion Week (OCFW), an event boasting all new fashion collections certain to leave attendees breathless. Coco Chanel wouldn’t have been caught dead with just one look and neither will OCFW. Honoring the different styles of each day, individual venues reflect the tone of each unique event ranging from couture to avant-garde, tailor-made to innovative hautech.

Internationally renowned designers will descend upon Orange County to present beautiful lines, within textiles and other mediums. The new cutting-edge collections created by these artisans behold an appreciation of craftsmanship and style will be showcased in Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, and Orange with sites in Laguna Beach bookending the week.

Sugar Rush

SUGAR RUSH THE SWEET SPLENDOR OF STYLE | Day 1, March 3rd: SUGAR RUSH – The Sweet Splendor of Style Debuts Icing on the Catwalk this Season. Calling All Fashionistas Now Boarding as a 6 p.m. Happy Hour transforms into an entire evening of happy at the opening night of the 2014 OC Fashion Week. Sugar Rush, the Sweet Splendor of Style, mixes the quintessential cocktail party with the Manna Kadar ultimate red-carpet-readying makeover at 7 Degrees in Laguna Beach and a super model makeover photostyling by Betinnis in Brea. Follow that up with a panel of guest speakers, a ready-to-wear runway show, a sparkly jewelry fashion forum, breathless beaming bikinis, and a fine display of millinery display creates the most innovative cocktail dress from day to night.
For The Full SUGAR RUSH PRESS RELEASE AND DESIGNER LINE UP CLICK HERE DAY 1 Press Releasehttp://www.eventbrite.com/e/orange-county-fashion-week-day-1-sugar-rush-laguna-beach-at-7-degrees-tickets-9941979729

Fashion Designers
KIRSTEN AND KIM SHAW – RESORT WEAR – KIKA PAPRIKA http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/kikapaprika-kim-and-kirstyn-shaw
TIM GORGOL – INDIE SOUL -  MIAMI http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/indie-soul/
BETTY LAU – LUXURY HANDBAGS  & ACCESSORIES – HONG KONG http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/betty-lau/
CHARMOSA – SWIM WEAR – BRAZIL http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/charmosa-swimwear/
DON CHENG – JEWELRY – HONG KONG http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/don-cheng/
CHECHY BENEDETTI  – PITHAYA SWIMSUITS -  COLOMBIA http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/pitahaya-swimwear/
LIBERATE APPAREL  – RESORT WEAR – ORANGE COUNTY http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/liberate-apparel/
ANTHONY FERRARO – SWAV APPAREL.COM – ORANGE COUNTY http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/swav-apparel/


HAUTECH MENSWEAR & THE DIGITAL AGE | Day 2, March 4th hosted by Neel Grover the CEO of BlueFly.com
HAUTECH takes off in fashionable, high-flying style with an evening at the Lyon Air Museum. Featuring a runway show of capsule collections, there will be an abundance of special photo ops by Newport Italian Vespa complemented by the museum’s authentic aircraft, rare vehicles, and memorabilia, mainly from the World War II era. From the west side of John Wayne Airport, Hautech will introduce exhibitors of menswear, active and sportswear, and streetwear.

Press Release  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/orange-county-fashion-week-day-2-hautech-tickets-10041852451

Fashion Designers
VALOR COLLECTIVE  http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/valor-collective/
RIP CURL http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/rip-curl/
PAL ZILERA http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/pal-zileri/
DAVID AUGUST INC http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/david-august-inc/

The Prowl

Day three of Orange County Fashion Week is dedicated to the fashion leaders of tomorrow in the Chapman University student-run PROWL event, career expo, recruitment day, with a Top-of-the-Hour Runway showcase. In the spirit of OCFW’s dedication to education and fostering tomorrow’s talent, the Dressed2the9z event kicks off at 3 p.m. when major retailers such as Men’s Wearhouse, Target and others will converge upon Chapman University’s campus for a career expo and to give student fashion industry hopefuls a chance to interview with these various fashion powerhouses.  The Top-of-Every Hour PROWL event will allow Chapman Film and Theatre Department students, as well as Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) alumni, to show what they can do on the catwalk. A proven hit, last year’s PROWL event garnered nearly 800 in attendance.

For The Full PROWL PRESS RELEASE CLICK HERE http://www.eventbrite.com/e/orange-county-fashion-week-prowl-day-3-at-chapman-university-emerging-student-designer-tickets-10039449263


HOUSE OF STYLE – AVANT-GARDE | Day 4, Thursday March 6th:
While Monet and Rembrandt depicted that which all could see, Picasso and Miro presented that which only they could envision. Because nothing highlights the artistry of innovation more succinctly than the avant-garde, award-winning fashion restaurant AnQi by Crustacean will host Avant-Garde House of Style. On this special night designers push the limits with fashion creations that challenge the imagination and advance the art of fashion. Accenting the fashion-forward creations will be hair by Toni & Guy Academy’s gifted students who will coif the talented models from Orange County Ballet Theatre company.
“We embrace avant-garde fashion because it represents a trenchant social edge, and we believe these artists are thriving in Orange County.,” said Kathryn Marino, founder of OC Fashion Council. A PORTION OF THE TICKETS BENEFIT the Orange County Ballet Theatre.


Fashion Designers
CHERI WILSON CHAGOLLAN http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/cheri-wilson-chagollan/
ANTONELLA COMMATTEO  http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/antonella-commatteo/
MISS G DESIGNS  http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/miss-g-designs/
JESSICA HUERTA http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/jessica-huerta-madem-black/
CALVIN HIEP  http://orangecountyfashionweek.com/calvin-hiep/


Fittingly, fine art and couture are paired to celebrate Couture in the Courtyard, the final night of the 2014 Orange County Fashion Week. Taking place from 5:30 to 8 p.m. in the elegant Dawson Cole Fine Art courtyard where internationally noted artist Richard MacDonald’s sculptures preside, this evening will be one of stunning couture creations. Models will wear fashion ensembles that have been meticulously hand-crafted, hand-cut and sewn. Of course all couture is hot, but only designers trained in France earn the mark of Haute and this evening will showcase all sides of the pond.

Nowhere else have so many dimensions of style been paired with such unique environments. Orange County Fashion Week provides the best fashion has to offer all within the warmth of the Orange County community. Debuts Haute Couture Orange County Designer Nasrin of Ansari Couture and Omaha Couture Designer, born Orange County Dan Richters.
100% of the Couture Tickets Benefit Charity HOMEAID. 

GET THE FULL “COUTURE” PRESS RELEASE  HERE: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/orange-county-fashion-week-couture-at-dawson-cole-fine-art-tickets-10056779097

Fashion Designers


For more information on this press release visit: http://www.abnewswire.com/pressreleases/producer-of-orange-county-fashion-week-joins-forces-with-runway-entertainment-of-viet-fashion-week_9023.html

Media Contact:
Kathryn Marino
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 855-365-0247
State: CA
Country: United States

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