We believe ‘small, but mighty’ is often said, and we would have to agree especially when talking about bow ties. These accessories might not be the biggest part of a wardrobe, but they certainly pack a punch. Your eyes are just drawn to them, as they are such a statement making piece. It might be a thought that bow ties are reserved for special occasions and only to be worn with the sharpest tuxedo. But we here at ALD think that almost anything can be incorporated into one’s wardrobe at any time. We love a good tuxedo, but nothing stands out more than a fashion man in a bow tie. If you’re stuck in your old ways and feeling a bit lost as to how to wear this during the daytime, then  follow these tips! Pair the bow tie with skinny fit jeans or corduroy and a cardigan; this will give the effect of a suit but more casual so you will feel more comfortable trying out a bow tie during the daytime. A solid bow tie rather than printed is a great way to pull off this look without being too bold. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous,  accessorize a sports coat and some great shorts with a bow tie for a killer look. Take a look below at a great selection of bow ties we’ve come up with for you all; there’s something for all our ALD men. Have a good week, Fashionistos!

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Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 2.51.10 AM

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Rag&Bone lady Diver

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John W. Nordstrom

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