Kashmir Keratin Brings Salon Treatment To Your Home

Restore, strengthen and beautify your hair with Kashmir Keratin! The Kashmir Keratin Hair System was designed to rebuild your damaged and color treated hair using the finest ingredients free of sulfates and parabens!

Keratin is an extremely strong protein that is a major component in hair, skin and nails. The majority of hair structure, about 88%, is composed of keratin. Regular use of Kashmir Keratin System maintains the reproduction of dead cells, which serves as an insulating layer to protect the delicate new tissue below them. This allows damaged cells to be repaired, so that hair remains healthy and resilient.


Kashmir Keratin System uses keratin in its most minuscule form. By developing a unique technology that uses keratin capsules, minute keratin proteins are absorbed deep into the hair shaft, restoring damaged cells and producing stronger, healthier hair.

One of the biggest benefits of using Kashmir Keratin System is it’s fast-acting results. The straightening process takes less than two hours and hair can be washed within an hour of use. The advanced technology of this line of products surpasses any other keratin treatment currently available. There is no longer the fear of getting hair wet after treatment. With Kashmir Keratin System, results are immediate and maintenance is a breeze.

Get the salon treatment right at home with shampoos, conditioners, masks and serums that fix everything from hair shaft and color damage to dandruff and excess oil.


Thanks to Kashmir Keratin, bad hair days will be a thing of the past!

Katherine Gandee for Clarissa International Media Group

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