Atlaf Maaneshia at Style Fashion Week Day 4

Day 4 of Style Fashion Week brought us the sleek, contemporary, futuristic, and structural designs displayed by Atlaf Maaneshia’s line of elegance. Maaneshia has a natural gift to be a designer who is Indian born and raised in Pakistan. Now based in New York where his collection was shown at New York Mercedes Benz and recently shown at Los Angeles Style Fashion Week March 12, 2014. Maaneshia went to the Asian Institute of Fashion Design in Karachi, where he graduated from with great design aesthetics.  His next platform was his studies in Polimoda, Italy where he received a Masters in Fashion Trends, Merchandising and Applied Studies in International Fashion Management.


This night of sophisticated silhouettes was not his first time showing at Style Fashion Week. In this moment Pooja Batra, famous Bollywood actress and model, was one of the models that walked the runway with ease. Now the design aesthetics of this collection for Fall 2014 has transitioned and flourished into a sleek contemporary mix of futuristic characteristics of a trendy but edgy sleek woman.

IMG_2770-XLPooja Batra Bollywood Actress and Model in Atlaf Maaneshia Fall/Winter 2014

Intricate designs of the line showed beautifully constructed trousers, slim leather pants with zipper details at the thigh, and skirts ranging from neutral colors. The line captured many in the room with his structural dresses and harness top, mink furs and metallic belts that were a simple staple piece of the collection. We also saw flowy tops to allow any woman to feminize and refine herself in light cream and forest green. The opulence of the runway continued throughout the show with rich color palettes of forest green, camel sand, bone, coal blacks, rush of blue, and earl grey gracing the night.














Writer Lei Phillips

Photographer Scott Naide

© 2013 The Los Angeles Fashion

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