Maggie Barry has surpassed the up and coming designers of Los Angeles, and truly claimed the throne with her recent projects. Custom designing elegant gowns and outrageous outfits for her various clientele, her work varies from A listers to rock stars. As of late, Lady Gaga triumphed in Maggie Barry’s shell dress on the Muppet Show, and Niki Minaj has made appearances in multiple costumes from the Maggie Barry collection in music videos and performances alike. She has also styled looks for Katy Perry, Lady Antebellum, Ke$ha, and LMFAO.

On day three here at Style Fashion Week, trendsetter Maggie Barry closed out the night, launched her new M8 collection, featuring a mix of playful, urban pieces for the active lifestyle. Fans and clients crowded the main stage with anticipation, not quite sure to expect from the legendary show stopper. Living up to its name, “The Cycle of Life,” the collection jump started with a flashy metallic set perfectly paired with a matching Turn Bicycle- these funky fold up bikes were a bold move, but proved to be a huge hit on the runway.


Known for her outrageous style, Maggie Barry brought some fresh looks to runway with her bold pieces. Her urban collection featured unlikely, yet functional layering of different fabrics and textures ranging from quilted and cashmere sweaters and vests to cool athletic tanks and crop tops. And then the leather. Enough with the norm, this season’s M8 collection sizzled on the runway, and took edgy to a whole new level.






“This season’s M8 collection is based on an urban lifestyle. There will be active wear, inspired pieces that play with fun fabrics and textures. Whether it be leather and cashmere or sequins and tech-net, all pieces are engineered with the body in motion. Mobile fashion is an apt description–fashion that’s convenient and practical yet edgy and trendy with a nod to practicality,” states Maggie Barry.


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