MAGIC Market Week- Las Vegas

MAGIC Market Week- Las Vegas

 MAGIC Market Week- Las Vegas

The Las Vegas strip lit up even brighter during February 17th-20th for the fashion mecca event of the season, MAGIC. Fashion industry professionals flew from all around the world to collaborate on the next up and coming fashion trends. Since these events are only offered to fashion industry elite, I am going to take you “behind the scenes” to see what life is like on the other side of the clothing rack.

Magic Market Week consists of several different tradeshow events held at different locations throughout Las Vegas. We focused our attention on a few shows from the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the Las Vegas Convention Center.

POOL Tradeshow

MAGIC Market Week- Las Vegas

POOL offers an outstanding diversity of emerging brands as well as professional seasoned brands. The atmosphere is very eclectic, driven by a love for art and design. POOL provides a unique opportunity for buyers to actually purchase products on the spot, this section of sellers is called “Cash and Carry”.

 MAGIC Market Week- Las Vegas

Buena Onda was one of the “cash and carry” brands.  Supporting the Wayuu People of Colombia, Buena Onda provides products that are completely handmade and fair trade. Buena Onda means: “Good Waves” or “Good Vibes.”

Typical tradeshows only allow for purchase orders to be placed, forcing the merchandise to be shipped at a later date. Most brands also require a minimum order for their wholesale business. So you can only imagine how exciting it is to actually purchase something when you find a striking item!

MAGIC Market Week- Las Vegas and

 MAGIC Market Week- Las Vegas

Fashion forward extraordinary designs were showcased, giving us an understanding of how innovated these brands are.  Vaalbara Designs, Astali and Mata Traders were among a few of the accessories brands that stood out to us.

 MAGIC Market Week- Las Vegas

Freaker USA

This booth was a must see at the POOL show. Free spirit, enthusiasm, and eccentric are words I use to describe the fascinating visionaries behind this brand. Freaker USA is a brand made known by the TV show, Shark Tank. Displaying a wide collection of designs that provide a one size fits all koozie for your drink.

Another intriguing component to POOL was the arrangement of music and art; it presented a relaxed ambience that the show extended. After several days of walking other shows, it was refreshing to walk in to POOL and feel rejuvenated.

 MAGIC Market Week- Las Vegas

Attendees were invited to participate in a design contest given by Sprout. Let your creativity flow by creating your own watch design.

 MAGIC Market Week- Las Vegas

WWD MAGIC Tradeshow

WWD Magic show comprised of the broadest assortment of women’s apparel and accessories. Offering a large selection of different categories and trends is what WWD Magic is sought out for.

 MAGIC Market Week- Las Vegas

The Ethereal by Lovemarks booth was breathtaking. The feminine collection is bright and airy with a classy touch that only a confident fashionista could explore.

 MAGIC Market Week- Las Vegas

The Stop Staring Clothing booth definitely made it hard not to stare! Showcasing their collection on the runway was an exquisite way to draw attention to this stunning assortment.

SOURCING @ Magic Tradeshow 

Bringing manufactures to the forefront, sourcing @ Magic is a one stop shopping experience for all your manufacturing, trim and fabric sourcing needs.

 MAGIC Market Week- Las Vegas

Jessica Rae Anderson, CEO & Founder of Miami Fashion Network, LLC and Martu Freeman VP of Sourcing at Miami Fashion Network

We caught up with Jessica Rae Anderson, CEO & Founder of Miami Fashion Network, LLC to see how their shopping experience was going.

What is your purpose for attending MAGIC Market Week?

JA: We attended MAGIC Market Week’s Sourcing show to meet with suppliers to discuss how they can gain more orders and success by advising them how to have access to our specialized markets of Miami and Latin America. Our team of fashion industry experts has the knowledge and connections to create opportunities for those said companies to set up manufacturing, distribution and retail in Miami and Latin America.

What items are you shopping for?

JA: To source specific fabric and trims for existing designer clients that hire us for product development and sourcing and to see the latest in industry trends, technology and to visit the Made in America seminars

MAGIC was and continues to be a spectacular event for industry professionals. It is trilling to see what trends will be on display in stores soon!

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