Bettie Page Designer Tatyana Brings back Retro Glam at Style Fashion Week!

One of  the Style Fashion Week Los Angeles sponsor brands that caught my eye this year is Tatyana Designs who is the famous designer behind the fashionable retro 1950’s pin up brand called Bettie Page Clothing. Born in Northern Russia, Tatyana always had a passion for the arts and fashion design from a very young age. Bettie Page who is the most recognized pin up starlet of all time became the famous face and inspiration behind her brand. Her designs appeal to all women and demographics who want to stand out and who love the flirty feminine designs and retro glam of the era. Her designs are a recreation of the 1950’s pin up era inspired pencil skirts and circle skirts with feminine touches adding a bit of a modern twist with modern fabrics.

Her designs don’t just stop there; she also has a men’s wear line. Archie’s is the retro inspired line she created just for men which is reminiscent of James Bond circa 1960’s and very John Travolta in Grease. The men’s line consists of wool slacks, shoes, bowling shirts, and vintage inspired graphics. She also has a swimwear line and a children’s line. Reminiscent of the style of bathing suits from the 1940’s and 1950’s glamour. The children’s line has the same dresses as the adult women’s clothing giving mother and daughter the same retro look. Her designs can be found in seventeen locations nationwide as well as online.  She also has an accessory line including feminine stylish era inspired purses with catchy names such as “martini” and “Drinks on Me”!  Her accessory line also includes adorable hairpieces such as bows, belts and headbands. No brand is complete without a fragrance to go with it! Bettie Page has her own “Eau de Toilette” and “Eau de Parfum”.

My favorite pieces are the nautical dresses very reminiscent of the 1940’s world war era that can be found in her collections with names such as “On the Yacht” and “Rock the Boat”. What is most interesting about her spring 2014 collection is the dresses were inspired by actual dresses worn in that era. A recreation of the Shirlee Tegge, Miss USA 1949 dress who wore a green floral dress was actually recreated and added to her collection. The dress is called “Shirlee Tegge” inspired by her. Other recreations of the dresses worn by real life women of the era were resurrected and brought back to life with modern fabrics and flair.  For those women who love to experiment and love vintage timeless pieces should own a piece of Tatyana’s designs to add a dash of femininity, glam to their spring wardrobe! After all timeless pieces never go out of style!





















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