Recently Jord Watches has sent us a sample of their Fieldcrest Jord Watch so we can see in real life, the craftsmanship and quality of this magnificent pice of must have accessory.
Jord Wood Watches is something you have probably not yet seen, a beautifully designed watch embedded in a piece of wood that is meticulously handcrafted, including the watch band.
The JORD wood watches are one of a kind, premium quality time pieces, hand-crafted with sustainable materials from all over the world.


Jord Wood Watches dont just show time, they are a statement. It is a must for any eco conscious individual who like to show off their love for our mother earth. It does not get any better that this. The “Fieldcrest” watch we had a chance to look at and wear it around the office is supper lightweight, hard to even tell its on your wrist. They are also splash proof, dont forget these watches are made out of natural elements so expecting a waterproof, 100ft underwater etc. features is just absurd.
A Jord watch is for the one who likes to stand out, who likes to make a statement and I guarantee you will receive a ton of compliments as well as ohhs… and wow’s. These watches are unique timepieces that move the fashion focal point to your wrist – and gentlemen, you know the two things ladies look at first  watches and shoes :)
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 JORD watches are designed to take people back to nature and away from today’s metal & rubber. They make an excellent conversation piece and they look not just unique but absolutely fabulous. JORD uses a variety of  woods from all over the world, like maple, bamboo, sandlewood, cherry, teak and others.  Some of the watch-bands are made from a mixed type of wood – this creating a more intricate and exclusive looking pieces. The “watch” itself is sourced  from the finest international watch manufacturers while the glass on the watch is a scratchproof “blue film” glass..

To see some more of JORD watches you should visit their site at – Although the  company is fairly new they managed to put together a decent size collection in a very short time. These watches are made out of different types of wood that also guarantees that you will end up with a very one of a kind unique piece.
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The story of how JORD was born is interesting, and you can read up on it on their website. Lets just say it was one of those “RedBull fueled nights”. If you are out for a unique gift for a special someone or for yourself as a matter of fact, you should definitely consider taking a look at JORD wood watches as mentioned before they are a  one of a kind, premium quality time pieces, hand-crafted with sustainable materials that are also unique and one of a kind just because of the wood grain patterns alone.

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